Occupational safety and health and environmental protection

Safety/protection that pays off

Occupational safety, health and environmental protection measures raise productivity and thus a company’s economic success. About 15 sick leave days per worker and year on average reveal the high savings potential for all companies. A reduction of downtimes as a consequence of inability to work pays off for large and medium as well as for small businesses. Healthy and content employees lead to lower absenteeism, falling sick pay costs and increase process safety.
The demographic change that leads to an increase in the average age of employees, makes OSH to an indispensable instruments of successful staff/HR- management.
A variety of work-related diseases occurs due to poor job design and work organization.
Our business area ‘Occupational Safety, Health and Environmental Protection’, supports you with a comprehensive range of services in the fields of

Risk assessment and mental distress

Sickening stressors such as work intensification, constant mobility and availability effect many people. For over ten years economy has had an “antidote” available: The so called Risk Assessment.
A holistic risk assessment, i.e. a risk assessment including work-related mental stress, allows preventive action and thus preservation and protection of mental health at work.
Our team of experienced work psychologists and industry sociologists conducts for our clients professional and comprehensive assessments of the mental stresses and strains within the company.
We give advice in the derivation of company-specific measures that reduce the stressors and strengthen the resources to cope with the remains.
Furthermore, we give support in implementing the measures and assist in evaluating their success.
A risk assessment meeting the holistic requirements also takes into account ergonomics and demographic factors. Hence it allows a safe, healthy and age-appropriate work design and the long-term preservation of the performance of all employees beyond the age of retirement.

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