Accompaniment of exploration activities

We coordinate and support the specialized companies commissioned by the client during exploration. Regardless of whether this involves aerial surveys, seismic tests or drilling: Our consultants ensure on-site implementation of the customer’s requirements in a targeted and timely manner and report on the progress of the work. As soon as the information obtained is available in processed form, we support the customer in assessing and interpreting the data.

Planning Deposit Exploration

Once the decision has been made in favor of a mining project, CBM advises on the technical implementation. Based on the geological conditions (deposit and rock mechanics), we advise on the most suitable mining method, the planning of the optimal excavation point, the ancillary facilities and the infrastructure.

Machinery procurement

Whether it is the initial equipment of a new mine or the optimization of the existing machinery, our consultants know the most suitable equipment, machinery and plants for the specific application. We support you in drawing up specifications for the technical equipment and in preparing the tender documents.

Occupational health and safety in mining

In addition to the comprehensive range of services offered by CBM in the field of occupational health and safety and environmental protection, we also provide the following mining-specific services:

  • Mine ventilation
  • firedamp, dust and gas protection
  • Mine rescue services

Mine ventilation

CBM applies its many years of experience and expertise to the design and planning of new mine ventilation systems and the optimization of existing ones. Our experts carry out the necessary measurements underground and transfer the determined data into digitized weather networks. The digital model then enables the planning of the necessary measures as well as the arrangement or dimensioning of the weather structures and the weather machines. In addition, we support you in the preparation of planning and application documents as well as in approval and licensing procedures.

Firedamp, dust and gas protection

We have extensive know-how in monitoring and reducing harmful or explosive gases as well as dust concentrations below and above ground. After a thorough analysis of the local conditions, we plan suitable measuring systems, define necessary protective measures and support your company in their implementation.

Mine rescue

The risk of unforeseeable events is particularly high in mining. If the worst comes to the worst, it is a matter of rapid, targeted and effective intervention to protect human life in the company and the neighborhood and also to avert damage to property. The second priority is to resume operations as quickly as possible, if necessary flanked by extended monitoring measures. This requires a sufficiently large, well-trained and appropriately equipped team that can be deployed in the shortest possible time. CBM helps you to determine your needs in terms of crew size and training requirements, and to procure the necessary equipment.

Termination of a mining activity and post-mining

Once a deposit has been exhausted, it should be ensured that no hazards to the safety of the population and the environment emanate from mine facilities and operating areas. After taking stock of potential hazards, we plan the safe custody of mining facilities as well as the recultivation and reclamation of reclaimed areas. This also includes monitoring operating plan procedures and coordinating the companies commissioned to carry out work.

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