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More than other companies, mines depend on the perfect interplay of technology, organization and people. Specialists from a wide range of disciplines work together with one goal in mind: To make raw materials available economically and safely in optimum quality and quantity. CBM has many years of experience in mining and mine safety. Our consultants have spent many years in management positions or as specialists in mining. We develop customized technical and organizational solutions for the optimal utilization of deposits. In doing so, we ensure compliance with all relevant regulations and use our broad expertise in occupational health and safety in mining.

Our range of services includes in particular:

In addition, we have extensive experience in advising and training authorities involved in mining supervision in countries with imminent or incipient resource exploitation (Laos, Vietnam, Iran, Mongolia, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Thailand, Mauritania).

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Thomas Weyer

+49 (0) 6826 - 510 910

+49 (0) 6826 - 510 910

Address Niederbexbacher Straße 67, 66450 Bexbach Germany