Safety culture

The safety culture reflects the safety practiced in the company. It acts as an orientation system to which managers and employees align their behavior with regard to safety.

We support you in the successful development of a value-oriented safety culture towards a culture of prevention, which strengthens the personal responsibility of all and consolidates positive safety-oriented behavior.

First, we specify the goal and focus of safety culture development together with you.
It is important to develop a shared picture of „What is safety for us?“.

During the safety culture analysis, the status of your safety culture is determined using methods developed and tested by CBM. The result is a comprehensive picture of the lived safety in the company and the identification of fields of action for a safety culture development.

Based on this, the development process starts, which we accompany strategically through process consulting. In this process, the identified fields of action are focused and backed up with precisely tailored measures and actions. This includes, for example, coaching for managers, training for employees as well as special measures developed specifically for your company or situation.

Risk assessment of mental stress

In today’s world of constant change, the prevention and successful management of psychological stress (’stressors‘) in the workplace is particularly important.

The risk assessment of mental stress is a key prevention tool and the basis for the successful management of mental risks in the workplace in order to drive the continuous improvement of working conditions and the preservation of health as the foundation of business success.

Our range of services includes consulting on the process, conception, execution, up to documentation as well as action planning and implementation.

For recording in the company we offer depending on the size of the company and the goals:

  • Employee survey (questionnaire online/paper)
  • Survey workshop
  • Observation

All surveys and analyses are created and implemented on the basis of proven scientific methods and models. Our approach is based on the legal requirements (Occupational Health and Safety Act), the standards and the guideline Mental Stress of the Joint German Occupational Health and Safety Strategy (GDA).

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