Acquire knowledge, expand skills: Our current seminars CBM offers seminars, trainings and instructions covering a variety of topics: Occupational safety, health and environmental protection as well as organizational development and communication. Our skilled and experienced trainers (managers, engineers, organizational psychologists, lawyers, sociologists and communications industry experts) all bring along their extensive practical knowledge. Our current seminar portfolio comprises about 60 different courses. Dates and prices to our already scheduled public seminars can be found in the current seminar schedule 2013/2014. If you have chosen a seminar, you can comfortably login here for application.  For many years we have been the market leader in private sector for the schooling of ‘specialist in occupational safety’ in south-west Germany. The complete schooling is finished within only 9 months.

CBM is an approved institution according to existing law of employment promotion and is even approved to school specialist of occupational safety for the national job agency. Normally the schoolings take place in our head office in Bexbach or in the subsidiary in Aachen. If desired, the schoolings – adapted to your specific needs – can take place in your company.