Occupational health and safety in mining

In addition to the comprehensive range of services of CBM’s business area ‘Occupational Safety, Health and Environment Protection‘ we offer services covering the following areas of mining engineering:

  • Mine ventilation
  • Firedamp, dust and gas protection
  • Mine rescue

Mine ventilation

CBM’s extensive experience and expertise enables us to offer services comprising the design of new and the optimization of existing ventilation networks.
Our experts perform the necessary measurements underground and transmit the collected data to computerized ventilation network models.
The digital model then allows the planning of the necessary measures, as well as arranging and dimensioning the necessary installations and equipment.
We also support our clients in the compilation of application documents for administrative approval procedures.

Firedamp, dust and gas protection

We dispose of a considerable knowledge in control and reduction of harmful and ex-plosive gases on surface and underground. After a thorough analysis of the local situation, we plan appropriate monitoring systems, define the required protective measures and support your company with the implementation.

Mine rescue

In mining the risk of unpredictable events is particularly high. In the case of such an event a quick, targeted and effective intervention is necessary in order to protect human life inside the mine and its neighborhood. Additionally, damage to property should be avoided and operation timely resumed (possibly accompanied by enhanced surveillance and monitoring measures).
In order to accomplish these goals, this requires a sufficiently large task force that is well-trained, properly equipped and ready for action in no time. CBM helps mine operators in identifying needs regarding manpower and training needs, as well as in the procurement of necessary equipment.